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Purpose / Goals: The purpose/ goal for this ministry is to help Encourage,

Equip, Empower, Guide, & Uplift each other. When temptation comes we

will be prepared to bypass with faith & confidence  and not by our flesh.


Vision: Our Vision is to continue to serve the Lord, living pure until God joins us with our significant other, that he (God) has ordained.

Mission: To provide a strong Bible based ministry so that we are equip and ready for battle against what the enemy may throw at us. To help us grow in Gods image / purpose for our lives. This ministry is for men & women- young adult singles, divorcees & widows.


Objectives: our objectives for this ministry is to do the following:

                  *Have a better relationship with Christ

                  *Learn to receive and give Unconditional Love 

                  *To heal from our past Broken Wombs (Gain Restoration)

                  *To be able to meet / fellowship with other like minded Christian singles

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