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Kids/ Teen  Ministries

CFR Restoring Generation Kidz Ministry (aged 1-11) strive to help raise up a generation of youths with talents and gifts for God. We help them grow in God and learn the Word of God on their level through: movies, reenactments; songs and more, so that they can gain a better understanding. We also empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today.

The Mission:

To teach our children to love God; to follow Christ, and what He stands for; to be a light in a dark world around them; and to help them use the gifts and talents that our Lord has placed upon them.


The Vision:

Allow the children within the ministry to be a living vessel for God’s Purpose and Kingdom.

CFR Generation Unleashed Student Ministry (aged 12-18) strive to ignite students to God through a personal, purposeful, and fruitful relationship with God, and to unleash the boldness that God has for them to share with others with the help of other Christian students. We are not just a ministry, but we are a family. We learn about God in different ways and share each other’s point of views.

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