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About us


           The Lord spoke to Pastor Freddie Roberts, Sr. to start a ministry in the community of Ruskin, Florida. With a room reserved at Denny's Restaurant, little did Pastor Roberts know that the ministry the Lord created through him was being birthed. During the time at Denny's, the Lord sent people to him that publicly acknowledged the need for restoration. Having a testimony of his own restoration, the Lord gave Pastor Roberts the name of the ministry and its purpose in Ruskin. Thus, the name "Center for Restoration" was given to the ministry.

           Bible study moved to the second story of the Roberts home. It was evident that the Holy Spirit was always present, manifesting Himself in new and fresh ways! Minds were being opened and an understanding of God's WORD began to come forth through through the people. The ending prayers always turned into a service of worshipping the Lord. The Holy Spirit spoke through an attendee one day, and stated that we were in the "upper room!"

           You see, in spite of these "events" taking place, Center for Restoration's Sunday worship services had not officially started, as Pastor Roberts was still a presiding pastor at another location. Thinking that "traditional" preparations had to take place, Pastor Roberts waited on the Lord. During the "waiting," man closed a window, but God opened a door! On September 16th, 2007, Center for Restoration held its first service in the "upper room" of the Roberts' residence.

            Shortly in the first year of a Sunday morning service, the Holy Spirit engulfed and saturated the entire house. The entire church was on one accord, bowing down and worshipping the Lord! It was an experience to some, but it was a glorification to the Lord! At the end of the service, Pastor Roberts told the congregants, "The Holy Spirit says to be prepared from now on, for this is not church as usual!"

           And since then, it hasn't been church as usual at Center for Restoration! The Lord has been manifesting Himself in NEW and FRESH ways, and showing Himself to be awesome, mighty, and SO much more, IN THE MIDST of a dying world, all for His praise!

We invite you to visit us at our services on Sundays and Wednesdays! We believe that you will be blessed by the Lord when you visit!

What is the Center for Restoration?

       Center for Restoration is a Bible-believing, Bible-teaching, Holy Spirit-filled, non-denominational, faith-building church. Our number one goal is and always will be the salvation of the lost and the healing of those that are hurting (Restoring the Broken Through The Word of God). We strive to continually seek the spiritual growth and improvement of each member of our ministry - spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. We aim to teach and practice what the Holy Scriptures provide for us in God's truth to achieve success in all these areas.

        We seek to empower others with the Word of God and other community resources, according to their needs.
We want to impact our community with our ministries: Men of Valor, Women of Destiny, Youth & Children's Ministries, Intercession, Outreach, Social Services, and more.

        We remain humble and maintain God's powerful Spirit of love and divine truth that we've held onto since our origination at all times and we're so careful to give all credit and glory to God for everything Center for Restoration has achieved and accomplished through Him and only Him.


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