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Drama/ Productions:

        Our Drama department prepare short dramas and skits throughout the year. We are a team of all ages presenting these skits, plays, and dramas to communicate a strong, purposeful, &  now message during our worship services, youth services, and community events. Everyone who volunteers to help put on such great show, dont mind showing off their talents & gifts, knowing that its God who get the glory and not man (others). Our Drama department believe in putting on a production that we all can relate to, either went through, going throught or know someone who is.  Showing how to get through situations as Christian, with God. Our purpose is to open the eyes and hearts of others & to show a relationship with Jesus.

If you would like to be a part of the Drama Ministry you can attend the next audition that is posted on this page (when available) for more information.

Plays Performed:

*2nd Chance Airlines

*A Family for Christmas

*Easter Dinner

*Recruitment Day

*The Lost Child

*The Lost Sheep

* and many more

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